Will your kid eat broccoli? Heck no you say. Well yes there are some really picky kids. Maybe you are raising one.

Maybe you are at your wits end. You want your child to try new things and even eat a bit healthier. Is this a possibility?

Well a recent study looked at different ways we try to get our kids to eat those things they don't like....you know like vegetables. Do know that one strategy does not work.

If you are one that offers them a reward for eating that food item they don't like. They may eat it but it more than likely won't get them to change their eating habit long-term. That is what you want for them.

The problem is even if they eat vegetables to get ice cream for dessert. Long term they will just think that vegetables are bad and ice cream is good.

So here are some ways that may help your child eat a bit more on the healthier side.

Keep putting those veggies in front of them. Keep having them try a few bites. Eventually they will get used to the taste and maybe even start liking it.

You also need to make sure you are setting a good example and eating the food yourself. Make sure they see that you like it as well.

You can even change the taste of the vegetable. Try adding cheese or even some butter on top. I know it is not the healthiest option but having a serving of vegetables with butter is better than no vegetables at all.

Make meal time a fun time. Prepare it with your child. Teach them how to cook and enjoy the food.

Kids love fun things so you can also try to make the food look more on the fun side. Arrange the food to make fun pictures. Smiley faces and such. This of course works better on younger children.

Whatever you do try introducing vegetables and other good for you foods to your kids at a young age. It will make it easier moving forward. Your child will thank you later on for their healthy lifestyle.

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