The thirsty ladies are at it again and this time it's for a Walmart worker in our state.

Here in Wichita Falls, we all know about thirsty ladies leaving comments about one of our workers. Wichita Falls own Zackry Majewski was the subject for many ladies dirty thoughts last year. 11,000 reactions, 14,000 comments and 15,000 shares talking about Zackry and not the adorable dog that was up for adoption.

Well it looks like the same thing is happening in Corpus Christi. The local Walmart was just trying to let people know that Little Debbie ice cream is back in stock. By the way, the Honey Bun one is quite tasty. Looks like since the photo was posted last week with one of the workers named Jose, the thirsty ladies are at it again. Looks like Jose is on the same pace with Zackry, except for shares. Jose is blowing him away with 20,000.

Here are some of my favorite dirty comments on the post.

"Nutty Buddy and creme pie his Swiss roll in some honey buns cuz I’m sure that cosmic brownie ain’t no strawberry shortcake "


"I would love to taste his swiss roll.....I mean the ice cream!!"


"Jose can can handle my honey buns. I mean I’d appreciate if Jose handed me the Honey Bun one please. "


"The way he's gently holding that ice cream I know my honey buns would be safe in his hands #callmejose"


"I will take the Strawberry Short Cake ice cream the same color of Jose lips!"

Be careful out there Jose, you may have a lot of new customers coming into the store trying to get your number.

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