Here’s one of those stories that’s gonna either make your head explode or put a big ol’ smile on your face, depending on how you feel about former President Trump. 

On Thursday (May 27) Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed the Senate Bill that would rename a stretch of highway in the Oklahoma panhandle after the former President, according to KTUL. 

I first reported back in April that the bill had passed the House and was on its way to the Senate for consideration. And as expected, the bill easily passed the Senate. 

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The new name applies to a 20-mile stretch of US Highway 287 runs from Boise City to the Texas-Oklahoma border. 

Markers bearing the name “President Donald J. Trump Highway” will be placed along the highway by the Department of Transportation. However, the signage won’t be funded by taxpayer dollars. Instead, it will be paid for by the authors and co-authors of the bill.

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