If he wasn't tweaking from the pre-workout, those 50,000 volts sure jump started his heart.

Keep Scrolling for the Footage from the Gym

Well it looks like over the weekend, Crunch Gym in Amarillo, Texas had a bit of an incident. Looks like on Friday night, a member of the gym named David Jones allegedly punched another gym member. Obviously, this means David had his gym membership revoked and he was no longer welcome there. Well, David decided to show up anyway.

How I Imagine David Showing Up to the Gym on Saturday


Now when David scanned his Crunch Gym card on Saturday. The staff member told him his membership had been revoked for the incident on Friday. David didn't seem to care and decided to get his workout in anyway. David at this point is trespassing, so the Amarillo police were called and from my headline, you know what happens next. Check out the original video from Jrew Retro here.

Watch Man Get Tased for Refusing to Leave Gym

As you can see in the video, David ignores the officer's commands and actually takes a fighting stance at one point. The officer deployed his taser and a few gym members helped subdue David so officers could put him in handcuffs. According to News4SA, David Jones was charged with criminal trespass and resisting arrest.

David Jones Officially Joined the F*** Around and Find Out Crew


Best of luck to David in his future gym endeavors. I highly suggest finding LITERALLY any other gym in Amarillo.

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