This is some serious love for Texas Roadhouse.

Not that I don’t love Texas Roadhouse. It’s easily the best steakhouse chain I’ve ever eaten at. While I lean toward the great local steakhouses we have here in the Lone Star State, I’m always down for Texas Roadhouse.

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But there’s a couple out there who are so into Texas Roadhouse, they’re on a mission to visit every Texas Roadhouse in the country. We’re talking about more than 600 locations across the nation.

And they’re just about halfway there.

Concho Valley Homepage is reporting that Mike and Judy McNamara are expected to visit the Texas Roadhouse in Amarillo on Monday (November 28). It will mark the 300th location the couple has visited since Judy retired in 2017. You have to love that kind of dedication.

What’s so special about Texas Roadhouse? Judy says they’re not really into fine dining and fancy cuisine. They’re fans of good old-fashioned home cooking and Texas Roadhouse “fits the bill.”

Mike pointed out that it’s more than just the food the couple is a fan of. It’s also the people:

In 2021, we visited my father’s hometown close to Egg Harbor Township, NJ. When I told the manager, Cody, he brought us out two t-shirts with the city on it, but when he realized they were the wrong size, I joked ‘I’ll just take yours.’ A few minutes later Cody handed us the blue Egg Harbor Township polo he’d been wearing. He literally gave us the shirt off his back.

It’s not clear whether or not the McNamara’s have visited the location here in Wichita Falls. If they haven’t, they might want to make the trip here while they’re in this part of the country.

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