The guy who assassinated Lincoln? His ghost is just hanging out in Texas?

So today I was trying to find some new ghost stories or hauntings in Wichita Falls for October. Sadly, I could not find anything new. However, in doing some research today I discovered Wichita Falls is one of the most haunted places in Texas. For places like the White Sanitarium and Witches Gate, which we have covered many times before. You can check out a video on this above.

However, in the Most Haunted Towns in Texas page I also learned something new. Apparently the ghost of John Wilkes Booth is haunting the Granbury Opera House. Apparently John Wilkes Booth performed in the venue as an actor back in the day in stage plays. I cannot find any credible information to him performing in Granbury, however his brother Edwin Booth did perform here according to the Granbury website.

In the early 1860s, John and his brother Edwin were a part of a traveling group that would go across the country performing stage plays. So maybe it is possible the two performed in this particular part of Texas. It would be weird that he would choose this particular venue to haunt considering he really didn't spend that much time here.


I would think John Wilkes Booth's ghost would haunt the farm where he was killed in Virginia. The story goes that Booth was hiding out in this farm house in Virginia after killing Lincoln. When authorities discovered where he was, they told him to come out with his hands up. Booth refused and wanted a fight. The barn was set on fire and Booth allegedly pointed his gun at someone from a window. Authorities shot and killed him as the barn burned down.

I am just saying, if I was going to haunt somewhere as a ghost, I would pick that place. Not some theater I performed at maybe once or twice. However, if you like ghost stories. It's crazy to think one of the most famous assassins is haunting a place here in Texas. I also am calling b.s. on this one because the current opera house did not open until 1886 and John Wilkes Booth died in 1865. Nice try Granbury, but I don't think this one is real.

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