Sometimes art is easy to understand. Sometimes it takes a little bit of explaining. But you don't always want to be the person asking the questions. Now there's an app for that.

Several museums and art centers across the nation, including Kemp Center For The Arts downtown, have teamed up with an app called Otocast. The app lets you learn some background information about the artist or the pieces you're looking at at the push of a button.

Kemp Center For The Arts via Facebook

The app itself is pretty simple and available for iOS and Android phones. I just went to the app store for my phone and downloaded it. When you open it you'll see options for several cities and exhibits they have information on. I chose Wichita Falls and it took me directly to the sculpture garden at the Kemp Center. From there it's just as easy as spotting the image for the piece you're looking at and tapping on that image inside the app. Sometimes you get a third party explaining the story of the artist or the piece, sometimes it's the voice of the artist themself.

If you travel and like to see the art exhibits and galleries in other cities you'll be able to do the same for many of them. There are options for the HALL Park collections in Frisco and Dallas, Addison Public Art in Addison, the Public Artwalk in Dallas and several others to choose from.

The Kemp Center For The Arts sculpture garden is open any time the the Kemp Center is open and it's always free to browse around. They're open Monday through Saturday and while the sculpture garden exhibit only changes once a year, they have several galleries inside that almost always have something new to enjoy. They also host a long list of art classes for children and adults throughout the year.

I'll still have the foolish questions to ask when looking at some pieces of art, but thanks to the Kemp Center For The Arts' new self-guided audio tours, now I'll be forearmed with information before I ask.

Joseph and Flora Kemp would be proud of what's happened to their little library building at 1300 Lamar in downtown Wichita Falls.

Dave Diamond

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