Today I learned we have a Wichita Falls quote in Law and Order.

Since 1990, folks have been watching the hit NBC show Law and Order.

In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: The police, who investigate crime, and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.

The show has had many spinoffs throughout the years, but today I want to focus on the original show. Back in 1997, apparently an episode aired called "Matrimony'. It is season 7 episode 13. As you probably know, Law and Order pretty much takes big cases from real life and turns them into cases for the show. Around this time, a very prominent court case was starting in Texas.


Anna Nicole Smith was in the headlines a few years prior to this Law and Order episode airing. If you don't know the story, Anna Nicole Smith was suing her dead husband's son over the estate she claimed she was owed. Smith married 89-year-old Howard Marshall II in June of 1994, Howard would pass away in August of 1995. Smith claims her husband was going to give her some of his estate, but never put it in the will.

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This case literally raged on for years and actually made it to the supreme court in 2006. Which she ended up winning after all these years. Smith would pass away in 2007 without ever seeing any of the money due to another legal battle. 'Law and Order' basically took this case and made it into an episode.

Apparently the detectives are investigating the death of a wealthy philanthropist and his stripper wife. Apparently one of the characters mentions Wichita Falls in the show.

Kim Triandos: We could both get jobs, Mama.


Velma Darcy: You wanna dance naked in Wichita Falls? You want me to dance naked too? The Dancin' Naked Idiot Family?

^If you have a streaming service, let me know if this quote is real. This is according to the quote page on IMDB. It is weird that our town would get mentioned for her stripping since Anna Nicole Smith did her stripping in Houston, which is nowhere near Wichita Falls.

If you need something to watch this week, go track this down for me. We have all seen the King of the Hill Wichita Falls episode a hundred times at this point.

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