I knew this one in half a second when I was watching this morning.


I am not sure how many of you watch 'The Dozen' trivia show. It was something Barstool Sports started back in 2020 when everything was shut down. Basically, do twelve rounds of trivia over Zoom to put some content out. Everyone was talking about Tiger King during 2020, I was binging the hell out of this. If you like trivia, I highly recommend you check it out. Below is a best of the first season.

Since 2020, the show has greatly evolved. They started doing in person tournaments at their headquarters in New York and now the show actually goes on the road for competitions. This week, four teams went to Philadelphia to compete. A very interesting geography question that I think anyone in our area would have know in two seconds came up on the show.

Around nineteen minutes in the video above, round 7 kicks off with geography. "Broken Arrow, Edmond, and Lawton are three of the top six most populous cities in what US state?

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First of all, I had no idea Lawton was in the most populous for the state of Oklahoma. Shout out to Lawton! I won't spoil who won this, so if you want to watch today. Be sure you check it out. If you're interested in the show and want to watch what I believe is the best episode of all time. Check out the insane match on Memorial Day Weekend. Alcohol was a big factor in this one below.

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