Looks like we have a rise of Covid cases in our area and a lot of people are visiting the emergency room.

According to a statement from United Regional earlier today, they have no pediatric ICU beds at this time in their trauma center and have two adult beds available in the trauma center. United Regional says they currently have 26 critical care Covid patients, only one of those 26 is vaccinated.

A new report came out today for the rising Covid cases in Wichita County. We have 276 new cases this week, along with four deaths. KFDX is reporting that the hospital has over 100 Covid hospitalizations right now and 17 of those came in just this weekend alone. Amy Fagan, Assistant Director of Health at United Regional gave some more information as well.

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“This is concerning for us,” Fagan said. “We are having a hard time right now actively managing cases. The staff worked over the weekend. We have committed to not being behind, but I can tell you right now that’s very challenging.”

That's here in Wichita Falls, just north of us in Lawton, looks like they're bracing for a lot more Covid cases. Comanche County Memorial Hospital announced a couple of hours ago they're setting up a tent outside the emergency room to deal with the overflow. They're expecting a record number of a new cases within the next 48 hours.

They currently have 61 being hospitalized at Comanche County. Hopefully you're doing your part when you can. We will see if more cases pop up in the next few days.

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