He went out to his car to get his phone charger. That's when he heard a woman yelling to stop a teenager from hurting himself.

Elesaio Maestas is the owner of Recycled Entertainment located on 3707 Wolflin Ave. in Amarillo. The back of his store is facing I-40.

Elesaio Maestas, who is also known as Beefcake, said he and another employee were on the side of the store when they heard a woman screaming from the access road near I-40. At first, he thought it was some sort of stunt. So he turned the camera on his phone and started to record what was happening.

He quickly discovered that this was no stunt and that teenager was in fact endangering himself and possibly the woman who was screaming. At this point Beefcake decided to stop recording. He said he stopped recording because the teen's life was more important than footage for social media.

Maestas said he intercepted the teen with the woman holding his arms. "I ran over to these trees where I saw and heard cars blowing their horns to avoid hitting him".

Credit: TSM

Maestas said he was not sure if the teen was under the influence of anything or not. " He seems to be in a trance." Maestas said, " He keeps saying it's my life, it's my life".

The woman kept her arms tied around the teens as Maestas stood in front of him trying to get him to stop walking towards oncoming traffic. As the woman had his arm tied she was on the phone with police.

The teen broke away from the pair and made his way down a side road along The Carpet One heading towards Wolflin. Maestas noticed that the teen would not run from the woman. So he had her stay with the teen while he used her phone to continue to help led police to him.

Police were finally able to get a hold of the teenager and get him to safety.

It is amazing to see our neighbors help each other out instead of shooting videos and become social media famous for 15 minutes.

Elesaio Maestas and the unnamed woman both did the right thing and stop what they were doing to save this teens life. They also stopped others who could have got hurt if he caused a car wreck on I-40.

Mr. Maestas said in his Facebook post, "TALK with the people you love, depression is real and someone you love is lonely. So if you can relate be the difference."

Credit: TSM