The latest Gallup Poll has republican Mitt Romney breaking the psychologically important 50 percent threshold-he’s at 51 percent to be precise-and President Obama sits at 45 percent.    Now, what about the missing 5 percent?  There are a few fence straddlers left out there I guess.  Independents, undecided, unmotivated; call them what you wish but they will hit the switch for someone on November 6.

Last night’s debate was most likely won not by Romney or Obama, but the so-called moderator, CNN’s Candy Crowley.  She clearly ran interference for Obama, but was forced to back-peddle a bit when it came to questions on the Benghazi terrorist attack.  And did you hear the Freudian slip that rolled off the president’s tongue?  Is it possible that he sees some writing on the wall?

The most outrageous results from last night were not from the debate participants, but the moron’s who were Tweeting about their desires to kill Mitt Romney.  You read that right. People were actually threatening the republican challenger’s life.  I guess these jackasses have never heard of the U.S. Secret Service.  Don’t worry.  The Secret Service already has their numbers.  And addresses.

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