There are a couple of ways you might look at this story.

One, it’s a classic case of why trying to outrun the police is a very bad idea. And two, it may well serve as a promo for the safety of the Mini Cooper. This story comes to us via WPMT Fox 43

On July 4, in Manchester Township, PA, Kameron Smith was driving in an ‘unregistered’ Mini Cooper at a high rate of speed on I-83. Police, of course, tried to pull the man over. And, as guilty people so often do, Mr. Smith decided to run. He didn’t get far, and is lucky to be alive.

Just a couple of miles into the chase, Smith loses control of the vehicle and ends up crashing into a home. Seconds after the crash, he emerges from the vehicle, where he is almost immediately in the company of an officer who, no doubt, ordered him to get on the ground and stay there. It appears that he complied.  Smart choice.

Apparently, no one inside the home was seriously injured, though the house likely suffered many thousands of dollars in damage. The Mini Cooper will never be the same. Smith is charged with reckless endangerment, fleeing police, DUI, as well as other related charges.  He was jailed and bond was set at a very generous $2,500.

The home is, ironically enough, owned by a criminal defense attorney. Security cameras outside the home captured the moment of the crash. The video is via the York Daily Record.

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