Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter have been taking on an IBM supercomputer named 'Watson' in a very interesting competition on the TV game show "Jeopardy". Both Jennings and Rutter are veteran Jeopardy champs.

IBM's Watson computer is made up of a cluster of 90 servers with a total of 2,880 processor cores.

On the 30-question game board, the veteran champs managed only five correct responses between them during the Double Jeopardy round that aired Tuesday. They ended the first game of the two-game battle with meager earnings of $4,800 and $10,400 while their supercomputer nemesis finished Final Jeopardy with $35,734

Jennings, Rutter and Watson will return on Wednesday (Feb 16), when their second game is aired. The first place winner will collect $1 million in real money. Second place: $300,000 and third place: $200,000. IBM says all of Watson's winnings will go to charity; Jennings and Rutter plan to give away half of their shares.

Maybe the day that machines take over the world is not too far off.  Anybody know a John Connor?

Go Team Flesh & Bones!

Check out the video below to see what Ken Jennings has to say about playing against a computer:

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