This is a heartbreaking story about one women’s last chance attempt for compassion. Darlene Gant is a 46-year-old women suffering from stage-four breast cancer, and she doesn’t have long to live. Now her biggest concern is that she will not be alive to spend another Mother’s Day with her 11-year-old son, even though there is a trial drug in the works that could help prolong her life.

She recently made a video, which has gone viral on YouTube, pleading for a little compassion from drug company, Genentech. Darlene Gant wants the cancer drug, Pertuzmad, which is anticipated to be approved by the FDA in June, released early for compassionate use, which allows the use of unapproved drugs if no other treatment is available.

In her video, which is nearly 20 minutes long, Darlene talks about how she’s been writing cards to her son for major events in his life that she will not be around to see. She talks about how she has been planning out things for her son to have to remember her after she dies. This emotional video has received nearly 40,000 hits.

Apparently that was enough to shake things up over at Genentech, because not only did they agree to release the drug, Darlene Gant began her first dose a couple of weeks ago.

She is hoping now that she is taking the drug she will be around to spend one more Mother’s Day with her son. “If it gives us two months or a year, that’s priceless for a family,” she said.

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