I’ve always loved playing board games with my family and friends.  When I was growing up, anytime we had a family get-together, we’d gather around the dining room table, and break out the board games.

Recently, Solitaire Bliss conducted a study to find out what the most popular board games were in each state across the country.  To get accurate results, the company analyzed around 10,000 Google search terms related to board games and surveyed around 1,000 Americans from each state.

According to Solitaire Bliss, the pandemic caused a huge surge in board game popularity.  Searches for “online board games with friends” increased 12556% between February and March of 2020.  Some of the most popular board games across the country included Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, Risk, Yahtzee, Life, and Checkers, among others.

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It’s not surprising that Monopoly reigned supreme, and was listed as the most popular board game in the Lone Star State.  However, Monopoly was not the most played game in Oklahoma.  Our neighbors to the north preferred Aggravation.  The study also looked at what the most popular game was in the top 30 cities in the country.  While Monopoly was the most popular game in Dallas, the traditional game of checkers was preferred by Houston residents.

After reading about this study, I want to play a game of Monopoly.  Hopefully, someone doesn’t end up overturning the table, because they have to file for bankruptcy.  You can check out the full study for yourself by clicking here.

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