I can totally get behind this.

I worked several industrial jobs before I got into radio, where long days are the norm. There were exceptions, but I never batted an eye at the thought of working a 10-hour shift – hell, I’ve worked 12-hour shifts.

Admittedly, I found 12-hour shifts to be a little rough, but it was totally worth having 3-4 days off every week (depending on the schedule at the place I was working at the time).

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So, I love the thought of having a 3-day weekend every week. The way I see it, that would give me one day a week to work on projects around the house, another day to go and do fun stuff and a day to just be a total lazy ass and become one with the couch. What’s not to love?

And it would appear that I’m in the majority.

A study conducted by the law firm Edwards Kirby found that 75% of Americans would be in favor of a law that established a 4-day work week.

Of those polled, 80% of millennials thought it should be a law. However, 71% of baby boomers do not want it to be a law.

I actually agree with baby boomers on this one. The reason being that if it were made a law, we wouldn’t have the choice to work overtime. And as much as I dig 3-day weekends, those fat overtime checks are pretty nice too.

So, in a perfect world for me, a 4-day work week would be the norm, but we would still have the option to work overtime if we wanted to.

Does that make me one of those people that wants to have their cake and eat it too?

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