Some more Dallas Cowboys history for you this week since it's one of my favorite things to talk about.

For many years, the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers would meet in the playoffs. It's happened only seven times, but it seems like when these two meet it's always a great game. Also due to the fact it happened so frequently throughout the years. Three straight years in the 70s and three straight years in the 90s, Dallas and San Francisco faced each other.


The one time they met in the 80's, the infamous 'catch' happened. During the 70's, it was the Cowboys always knocking the 49ers out of the playoffs. That game in 1981 was Joe Montana's first season in the playoffs and he would go on to lead the 49ers to four Super Bowl victories throughout the 80's.

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As we all know, the 90's was the Cowboys decade. From 1992 to 1994 the Cowboys and 49ers would play each other every season in the playoffs. Perhaps the most famous words in Dallas Cowboys history were uttered after the first NFC Championship game between the two.

Standing on a chair, Jimmy Johnson gave one hell of a pump up speech after the big win in San Francisco. "The only thing else I got to say is, How 'Bout Them Cowboys!' Cheers echoed throughout the locker room and a catchphrase for Dallas was born.

I can think of many famous Tom Landry quotes, but I cannot think of any speech he has done that is more famous than Jimmy's here. Tom and Jimmy are THE coaches when you think of the Dallas Cowboys and I think this speech, is THE speech that any fan thinks of.

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