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If you thought we were done with TikTok challenges in America involving schools and students who think they will never get in trouble, you'd be wrong. In 2021, one of the TikTok trends we saw across the state and country involved students destroying property in schools, mainly school bathrooms. Schools across the nation warned about the trend and like all social media trends, it eventually fizzled out.

The latest TikTok trend or challenge is called the, "Orbeez Challenge" which involves students shooting airsoft or BB guns at each other. According to WFAA in Dallas, the challenge led to Royce City High School being locked down until around 11:00 a.m. on Friday after police began receiving calls about armed individuals starting around 8:15 a.m.

A witness reported that they saw someone pointing a gun at another person in the parking lot. Police then received a report that several people were seen running into the school.

Officers responded to the scene, and the school was put on lockdown. When officers arrived, they found several airsoft pellets on the ground in the parking lot, according to the news release.

“Every officer that responded to this, thought that this was a possible active shooter at the school,” said Sgt. Ryan Curtis of the Royse City Police Department.

Police took five students into custody, but decided no charges would be filed against the students and that the school district would handle punishment. WFAA reported that for students, staff, and parents it was a scary situation and for local authorities it strained resources.

As one official put it, this could have been a very dangerous situation.

”Even though this was ultimately toys, it was still a very dangerous situation,” Sgt. Curtis said.

Let's hope this TikTok trend stays away from the schools.

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