The Christmas tradition for many will not be happening again this year.

I know many people love the ICE! exhibit that usually takes place every Christmas time at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine. Every year they have a different Christmas theme and they make ice sculptures to go with that theme. I know I went the year it was the Grinch. I have also seen Charlie Brown and Rudolph recently.

It wouldn't be complete without a trip down the slide made entirely out of ice. I know people look forward to this every year, but I think it is way too expensive for the tickets. For those that look forward to this annual event, it sadly will not be happening again. Just like last year, it is due to coronavirus restrictions.

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Probably not the restrictions you think though. This is due to travel restrictions. The ice sculptors come all the way from China to make these exhibits and they're not permitted into the country right now. This is same thing that happened last year and I thought that maybe the Gaylord would try to find sculptors based here in United States just in case this happened again?

The only thing I can assume is that they have a contract with the sculptors based in China and they legally cannot hire another company at this time. That's just a guess by the way. I know some families always go to this event, but we have plenty of Christmas traditions going on throughout North Texas for you to enjoy instead.

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