I thought this had to be a joke at first.  Or a misprint.  But it's apparently true.  Our president's uncle, Obama Onyango, arrested on suspicion of DUI after nearly hitting a cop car in Framingham, MA, has a valid, honest-to-goodness  social security number and has held this documentation for at least 19 years.  This brings about an interesting thought.  According to the State Department, there are approximately 11 million 'undocumented' immigrants in this country.  Really?  How do they know?  How can they know?  The Kenyan-born uncle of our own president has been here illegally for years.  And with a social security number nonetheless.  He had a car.  How did he buy it?  Did he have a job?  Was he on welfare?  Excuse me, dear government, you couldn't find this guy but you know for a fact that we have approximately 11 million people in this country illegally?  Forgive me if I feel I cannot trust you're calculations.  It could be 11 million.  It could be 12 million.  It could be 20 million.  If the uncle of the most high-profile leader in the world can enter our nation illegally, stay here for years illegally and obtain a valid, government issued i.d. and still not be caught, how exactly are we to have any level of faith in the federal governments ability to control the issue?  We have to get a handle on this now.  The sanctity and safety of our nation depends on it.  The preservation of republic depends on it.  Border states, it's time to turn up the heat even more on our borders, cause D.C. clearly does not care.  Final thought:  I think as a kind gesture, we, the American people, should give the go-ahead for Mr. Obama to escort his uncle back to Kenya aboard Air Force One.  He'll have plenty of time once his presidency ends in January, 2013.  And clearly, his uncle won't be going anywhere anytime soon.  Heck, BHO might like it so much, he just might decide to stay in Kenya himself.  But we will need the plane back.

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