One of President-Elect Trump’s more controversial cabinet choices has received a major endorsement.  The National Cattleman’s Beef Association has sent a letter to the U.S. Committee on Environment and Public Works voicing their support for Scott Pruitt.  Pruitt currently serves as Attorney General for the state of Oklahoma.  The NCBA is calling for Pruitt’s “swift confirmation”.  In an article on Wednesday at, NCBA President Tracy Brunner made the case for the organizations strong support of Pruitt:

“As Oklahoma’s Attorney General, Mr. Pruitt led the fight to bring common sense back to environmental regulation and he was an unrivaled defender of private property rights. In fact, in 2015 the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association honored Mr. Pruitt with its Distinguished Service Award for his dedication to those principles.’

The NCBA is just one group fighting to stop the “Waters of the United States” rule, an EPA regulation that would give the feds jurisdiction over virtually every drop of water in the country.  NCBA has sued the EPA in effort to block the rule.  The U.S. Supreme Court granted a cert petition last week, paving the way for further legal review of the draconian regulations that the rule would bring with it.


Scott Pruitt Senate confirmation hearing from C-SPAN

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