Ever see a U.S. Senator literally sneak out of a press conference to avoid answering questions?

During a press conference on Monday, top Senate Republicans, led by John Cornyn, R-Texas, attempted to focus on topics such as the confirmation of judicial nominees. When Cornyn opened the floor for questions for himself and Senator Chuck Grassley, reporters began asking about the indictments of members of President Trump's campaign staff. In C-SPAN footage, Grassley can be seen trying to discretely open the door behind him when the topic of indictments came up. As Cornyn told reporters that they couldn't answer the questions as it wasn't in their "wheelhouse", Grassley can be seen sliding behind the flags lining the doors, almost knocking several over while leaving the room, which The Daily Show has dubbed 'The Grassley Maneuver'.

Grassley wasn't the only Senator to avoid questions during the conference, with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell leaving the press conference before the question period. According to CNN, an aide for McConnell confirmed that it was always the plan for McConnell to leave the conference before the question and answer portion.

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