Authorities in Collinsville, Oklahoma said it was the worst case of child neglect they have ever seen. We originally reported this case of child abuse to you back in December, and are now happy to report justice will be served for these little girls.

24-year-old Aislyn Miller and 25-year-old Kevin Fowler had two twin 9-month-old girls. They brought the girls in for an urgent care visit and police were notified about the girls' condition. The two girls weighed about eight pounds each and the average weight for a child that age is about 18 pounds.

Child Protective Services went to investigate the living conditions of the girls and it only gets worse from here. Cat feces was smeared on the walls and maggots were in the girls’ playpen. A maggot was found in one of the girl's wounds during the hospital visit. The girls reportedly looked like skeletons, suffered from bed sores and severe diaper rash and one had an infected hand as a result of hair being wrapped around a finger and never removed.

Miller and Fowler were both convicted of five counts of child neglect. Jurors in Tulsa County convicted the couple on Friday and recommended each serve 30 years on each of the first four counts and 10 years on the fifth count for a total of 130 years each.

The story doesn't end here, though.

Looks like the girls' grandparents also have some child neglect charges coming. John and Cathy Miller, are set to be tried next April on multiple counts of child neglect, officials said.The childrens' paternal grandmother, Rita Fowler, also faces multiple charges of child neglect. The grandparents have pleaded not guilty.

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