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Over the weekend, a very cool moment took place in Wewoka, Oklahoma. The local high school football team found out last Monday that they would not have enough eligible players to compete in the football game on Friday. This meant the team would automatically forfeit the game. A pair of girls from the softball team heard about the predicament and started practicing with the team all week.

Natalie Davis came in to be the kicker for the team and Callie Ramsay came in to play cornerback/special teams. You can actually see some video above of Natalie kicking off and getting a tackle on the play. The team did unfortunately lose on Friday, but this was an awesome moment of a fellow Wewoka Tiger stepping up to help the team.

Coach Brian Couch told News 6 that he should have enough players for this Friday's game, but the two girls are more than welcome to keep playing football if they want. Natalie says she thinks she will stay being the team's kicker and Callie is a little unsure about still playing. So we will see what happens in future games for the Tigers.


Although the loss does sting for the team, I know it would have been way worse to forfeit the game for those players. So shout out to Callie and Natalie for stepping up in a big way. Football is not an easy sport just to jump into in a week. I think y'all did great. Go Tigers!

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