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If you were upset at the playing conditions for the biggest NFL game of the season, it looks like Oklahoma is to blame. Specifically, Oklahoma State University. I want to say, I am shocked that this tweet is still up from the University praising the grass they helped engineer for the Super Bowl.

If you read the comments, everyone is telling them to delete this. Once you heard that players were switching cleats during the game and several players were slipping all over the place. Even players in their post game press conferences were even talking about the playing conditions in Arizona after the game on Sunday.

According to one of the Eagles players in the Athletic, it felt like playing in a water park. So why on Earth would the NFL unveil a brand new field for the Super Bowl? This stadium is home to the Arizona Cardinals and this is not the field the team played on throughout this season. This new grass was installed in January and has been rolled out into the sun everyday since then to get natural sunlight.

I think it's incredibly stupid to unveil a brand new field for the Super Bowl. Whatever the Cardinals were playing on back in December, should be the same thing the Super Bowl competitors should be playing on in February. According to the video below, this field is literally only for the Super Bowl, so the Cardinals will not being playing on this next year.

This new grass also cost $800,000. Not sure who forked out that money. The NFL or the Cardinals. Whoever paid that, should ask Oklahoma State for their money back.

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