Our faith in humanity has been restored!

An older gentleman named Gene, who has dementia, sits outside his home nearly every day and waits for the school bus to drop off the neighborhood kids so he can say hello to them.

A woman shared a clip of Gene via TikTok, explaining that every day Gene "makes his way outside, not even knowing why," but that something "every day tells him to go outside and wait."

She also shared that "Mr. Gene's memory resets" about every 15 minutes, but he somehow drawn to go sit in his chair in his front yard at a certain time each day as the kids get home from school.

Watch the viral clip here:

Like clockwork, the school bus rolls up and "every day his biggest fan club steps off the bus and runs to greet him," the TikToker explains as footage shows the kids running over to say hello.

Mr. Gene introduces himself to the kids "for what he thinks is the first time," as the kids play along and introduce themselves to him.

The woman, Megan Nunez, noted the heartwarming moment has been "going on for two years."

Viewers who watched the video were moved by the sweet story.

"This is the best thing we’ve seen all day," TV icon Katie Couric commented on the clip.

Another person wrote: "I love this! My dad had advanced Alzheimer’s but like this gentleman used to stand at his window every morning to wave to my daughter on her way past his house to go to school. That feeling of love has a way of staying even when the memories go."

On her personal Instagram, Nunez shared another clip of Mr. Gene playing soccer with the neighborhood children.

"I’m so #blessed to be part of this story," she captioned the video.

Watch the clip here:

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