I try not to give PETA the time of day, but this story made me laugh.

If you missed the video from this week at the Sugar Bowl, Bevo the Texas Longhorns mascot charged at Uga the Bulldog from Georgia. As I said in my story on this, Bevo was getting revenge for his bull ancestors that were taken down by bulldogs hundreds of years ago.

PETA didn't think this video was so funny. PETA doesn't find anything funny, so I'm not shocked by this. PETA decided to throw their two cents into this situation, even though I think no one asked for it.  "This frightening near-tragedy is yet another example of the reason most colleges and professional sports teams retired their live-animal mascots decades ago—and the handful who haven’t yet should quickly follow suit," the statement said.

"Uga or any of the humans standing nearby could easily have been trampled and killed," PETA said. Texas athletics spokesman John Bianco said "all established safety and security measures were in place for Bevo" at the Sugar Bowl, including two halters, two chains and six handlers to hold him, the Associated Press reported.

Listen, I don't think these animals should be taken away. They're not mistreated in any way. They live in better accommodations than some of my college dorm rooms. This is not like a massive herd of animals that a college has for a mascot. They have one and treat them like royalty.

Calm down PETA, I do think getting live animals together for a photo opportunity is stupid. Especially an animal that was bred to take down the other animal. Good job on Bevo for sticking up for his bull ancestors.


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