Whether you’re involved in a high-speed chase off of the interstate, or you are running after someone on the “10 Most Wanted” list each police officer knows that apprehending criminals is part of the job.   Earlier this week, one Alvarado officer ended up chasing down a very unusual suspect.

A customer who was enjoying some refreshments at a Sonic Drive-In in Alvarado filmed a short video from their car, which has now gone viral.  In the quick four-second video, which was posted on the department’s Facebook page, you can see a policeman running after a black pig down the street.

The police officer first saw the pig running loose on US Highway 67, which goes through the town of Alvarado.  After spotting the pig, the officer tried to capture it so that the pig wouldn’t cause any car accidents, or get killed by an unsuspecting motorist.  After deciding that he was not going to corporate with law enforcement, the pig took off down the road and tried to run away from the officer.

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Fortunately, the officer caught up with the pig before he ended up as roadkill.  After the officer apprehended the “pig of interest”, they contacted Animal Control.   At the time of this writing, it is unknown why the pig was wandering around on the highway, or who he even belonged to.  Now that this pig has been captured, he won’t be disrupting traffic or causing any car wrecks anytime soon.

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