Officials in Tulsa, OK released the video today of last week's fatal shooting of stranded motorist Terence Crutcher.

Officers responded Friday to 911 calls about Crutcher's stalled vehicle in the middle of the road. Shortly after arriving at the scene, Crutcher was tasered by one officer and shot dead seconds later by another. Officers at the scene reported that Crutcher ignored police instructions to raise his hands and instead went for something inside his vehicle. Today's video shows Crutcher with his hands up the whole time, officers taking over a minute to render aide after shooting Crutcher, and a helicopter officer indentifying Crutcher as "a big, bad dude."

According to Mic, community leaders and Crutcher's family were on-hand Sunday for a viewing of the video. Metropolitan Baptist Church pastor Ray Owens was one of 30 people in attendance, calling the shooting one of the worst we've seen as a nation,

My impression is the video I saw is among the worst that we have seen nationally. The man who was shot was walking away from police with his hands in the air. That, to me, suggests that he did not present a threat.

The reaction of the police after the man was down — it was well over a minute before there was any attempt to render medical aid. He laid in the street. The police seemed not to react to that. I'm a layperson, but that troubles.


Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan confirmed that Crutcher wasn't armed and didn't have a weapon in his vehicle. The current status of Officer Tyler Turnbough, who fired the stun gun, is unknown, but Officer Betty Shelby, who fired the fatal shot, has been placed on a routine administrative leave.

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