On Tuesday's edition of The Chad Hasty ShowScott Braddock, editor of QuorumReport.com, joined the program with a review of the 87th Texas Legislature, as well as other news items from Austin.

Braddock and Hasty talked about the electric power grid, tensions in the capitol, and some of the conservative agenda items that did not make it thought the legislative session, including major items such as voting reform, transgenders in sports, limitations on the governor's powers, and more.

On the reasons some of those items didn't make it through the legislature, Braddock said,

The government's set up in Texas to not pass very many new laws that you have to live under. That's a pretty conservative or libertarian sort of idea right? It gives you a limited time to do things. And when you come into a legislative session with a list of so many things, you want them all to get done, you run out of time...However, if Republicans were all on the same page about the details on the things that they want to do, especially when it comes to the election legislations, the Democrats would not have been able to do anything about it.

Listen to the entire interview with Scott Braddock in the video above.  

More news, information and commentary from Braddock may be found at: QuorumReport.com 

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