February is Black History Month.  Cinco de Mayo has become a huge holiday in America, even though it is barely acknowledged in Mexico.  Now, there is ‘White Appreciation Day’, at least at one restaurant in a small Colorado town.

According to the Washington Times, Edgar Antillon and Miguel Jiminez bought the Rubbin Buttz BBQ restaurant in Milliken, CO in January of this year. The ‘White Appreciation Day’ idea started as a bit of a joke, but response has been huge and largely positive.  And the event has morphed into an opportunity to bring people together.

The actual announcement came in May and the tide of backlash on social media began.  But despite a couple of bomb threats and threats of protests, all went well with Thursday’s event.  Traffic on their website was so intense their website crashed.  No protestors ever showed up.

Antillon, who is an American who happens to be of Mexican heritage, told ABC News 7:

This all started off as a joke, it was never really intended to be taken seriously…the 10 percent discount was always intended to go to everybody who came through the door.   As a Mexican, I understand that there's Hispanic Heritage Month, there's a month for just about every other culture, except the white culture. And I understand the significance behind that, I understand why there's Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History, etc..,. What I don't understand is why there isn't a white history month.  So we decided to have one day to celebrate white Americans, because all Americans should be celebrated.

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