So you're heading out of Wichita Falls and need to know where to eat. Here are the suggestions that came in from you guys.

I am a bit of homebody so I definitely support our local Wichita Falls restaurants every week. However, occasionally I do get out of town, mainly for sporting events in the Metroplex. So where should I eat when  I driving across our great state? Here's the results.

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The Big Texan - Amerillo, Texas

Most famous for their 72 oz steak challenge, but don't worry. Smaller steaks are available as well. If you're on a road trip anywhere in Texas, I feel like their is a billboard for the Big Texan.

Campo Verde Mexican Restaurant in Dalworthington Gardens - Know for Christmas

This place has some really good Mexican food, but it is actually know around this time of the year as the 'Christmas restaurant'. I don't think a piece of wall space is not covered in something Christmas related. If you're a Grinch, skip here until after the holidays.

Czech Stop in West, Texas known for kolaches.

Not technically a restaurant, but I will let it slide. I will not look down on gas station that serves good food. Apparently everyone goes here for kolaches and they look REALLY good.

Stubbs in Austin-know for brisket

I am sure a small percentage of Texans think of this as the BBQ sauce company and maybe did not know they were also a restaurant. With it being Austin, they're also a live music venue. Check out the show schedule next time you're in Austin to listen to some music and enjoy some good food.

Joe T. Garcias Fort Worth - Mexican Food

This is the first one on the list that I have never heard anything about. Looks pretty damn good though. Toss those fajitas to me.

Hard Eight BBQ, Several Locations in Texas-Know for BBQ (DUH!)

Sweetie Pies Ribeyes Decatur/North Richland Hills- Know for Steak

This is the furthest I am willing to drive for food in Wichita Falls. I love this place. I saw this place got some laugh reactions when people suggested it. You're nuts. Best steak I have had in Texas hands down.

Alamo Springs Cafe, Fredericksburg - Known for Burgers

Add another to the bucket list. Looks like a nice thick juicy burger and some BIG onion rings on that. Looks like I will need extra napkins when I go.

K2 Steakhouse, Bay City-Known for Steaks

Everyone is saying get the steaks at this place, but it looks like they also do Mexican food as well if you're interested.

Babe's Chicken, Several Locations in Texas - Know for Chicken (Duh!)

This is my number one and it's not even close for Texas. Why? They have five menu options and they do them to perfection. This is it, fried chicken, chicken tenders, chicken fried steak, fried catfish, and hickory smoked chicken. They give you unlimited sides and it's B.Y.O.B. If you don't like Babe's get the hell out of here. Someone open one in Wichita Falls FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. You will print money with a menu that simple.

Katy's Seafood House, Galveston - Known for Seafood (DUH!)

Boat to Table Gulf Seafood Restaurant is what they say about this place and they can say that over in Galveston. I doubt any frozen fish is served here unless it's a slow day on the sea. They literally have boaters on their Instagram showing off the catches of the day.

Franklin's BBQ, Austin - Known for BBQ (DUH!)

At this point in my writing, starting to get hungry talking about all these places. Looks to be another great place in Austin to check out on your next road trip.

Big Tony's Philly Cheesesteaks, Dallas - Known for Cheesesteaks (DUH!)

I imagine this place sees some action before a Eagles/ Cowboys game. I am a fan of the garbage Philly cheese steak, this means Cheese Whiz. Give me the garbage please.

Yesterday's 50 Styles Diner, Bridgeport - Know for Diner Food (DUH!)

Want to relive that scene in Pulp Fiction? Good news you can do that right here in Texas at this place. Maybe no dance competitions at night, but you can get milkshakes according to a guy on TripAdvisor. Please tell me they cost five dollars!

Bluebonnet Cafe, Marble Falls - Known for Breakfast

Just a heads up, if you Google this place. There is a Bluebonnet CBD store, which is not affiliated with the cafe from what I am seeing. Yes, they're both in Marble Falls, so be sure you pick the right place when you're looking it up.

Texas De Brazil, Several Locations in Texas - Known for Kebabs

Alright, be prepared to fight on this one. Texas De Brazil is fine. I don't hate it and I don't love it. It's good food, but this is the first one where I would be like, nah not worth the trip.

Mary's Cafe, Strawn - Known for Chicken Fried Steak

I can't find a good social media page for this place, so you get a video. Looks like this place does a little bit of everything. People travel all over Texas for their Chicken Fried Steak.

Perini Ranch, Buffalo Gap - Known for Steaks

How many steak places are on the list? Well, we're in Texas so it's not a shock they would dominate the list. Never heard of this place or even Buffalo Gap, Texas. Road trip anyone?

Papadeaux Seafood Kitchen, Several Locations in Texas - Known for Seafood (DUH!)

I have been to a few of these. If you like shrimp, they have some gorgeous jumbo lump shrimp on a lot of their menu options. Be sure you get one of those.

Herd's Burgers, Jacksboro - Burgers (DUH!)

The final place on our list has been cooking up burgers since 1917. Over 100 years in business? You know they're doing something right with these burgers.

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