A woman shared that her husband is refusing to attend her sister's alcohol-free wedding, despite the groom's sobriety.

Sharing her situation on Reddit, the woman explained that her husband "hates going to loud events with no alcohol," and therefore an alcohol-free wedding is just not for him.

However, when she approached her sister, i.e. the bride-to-be, about the no-alcohol policy, her sister was firm in her decision as the groom has struggled with alcoholism in the past.

"I told her it wouldn't be a big deal if she said yes to the request but she flipped out on me saying we know how her fiancé is a former alcoholic and doesn't want this 'substance' anywhere near him on his big day," the woman wrote via a since-deleted Reddit post, according to The Mirror.

"My husband chimed in and said, 'If homeboy is scared of having alcohol nearby, then he's not mature enough for marriage,'" she continued, noting her husband and sister got "into a fight."

Now, her husband is refusing to attend the ceremony — and so is she.

"My husband was like, 'Okay cool, no pressure,' and decided not to go. I decided to not go as well. My sister got upset and said I was being unfair to be willing to miss her wedding for no good reason," she wrote, adding that her parents "scolded" her and told her that her sister "won't forget" she was willing to skip her sister's big day just because alcohol won't be served.

In the comments section, Reddit users sided with the bride-to-be, with many concerned about the woman's husband's attitude toward the groom's sobriety.

"Your husband is such a loser. If homeboy can’t be at a loud event without alcohol he isn’t man enough to attend events. You should be supporting your sibling and see your husband's stance as an embarrassment," one person wrote.

"You realize people go to weddings because they love the engaged couple, and it's a day dedicated to said couple? Respecting their choices is absolute basic decency. If you don't want to hurt your relationship with your sister, I suggest you apologize. If you don't, then honestly your sister deserves more than spending time on people as entitled as your husband and you," another commented.

"Husband sounds like an alcoholic and if that is the case, that makes her an even bigger a--hole for choosing her alcoholic husband over her sister. Like how hard is it to support your own flesh and blood for maybe 6 hours tops? I'm sure the husband will be fine for that time," someone else commented.

"You and your husband sound very toxic. Your husband not being able to go to one event without alcohol is far more concerning than a recovering alcoholic not wanting alcohol at his wedding," another user weighed in.

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