Thursday, February 9, is National Pizza Day, which means you and I have to eat pizza.

Not that you would ever have to twist my arm to eat pizza. Because just like every single person I know, I absolutely love it. You could offer me a piece of pizza right after I ate a big meal and I would still scarf it down.

Not only do I love me some pizza, but I also love a great deal. And that’s the great thing about any National (Insert Food Name) Day. There are always some great deals to take advantage of.

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You can always count on the national pizza chains to offer great deals pretty much all of the time. But those restaurants typically go all-in on great deals when it comes to National Pizza Day.

And thanks to a little help from the folks at Retail Me Not, I’ve combined a list of all of the deals you can take advantage of here in Wichita Falls. Enjoy!

Wichita Falls National Pizza Day Deals


7Rewards members can snag a whole cheese or pepperoni pizza for just $7.

Chuck E. Cheese

Order regular menu items through their website on National Pizza Day and get 500 free E-tickets. Also, you can order on their app and get $10 off of All You Can Play.


Right now, Domino's is offering a mix-n-match deal, meaning you can get several menu items for just $6.99 when you buy two or more.

Little Caesar's

You can get Little Ceasar's Slices-N-Stix for a mere $6.99. Pair a Slices-N-Stix with a large 2-topping pizza for $14.99 with the code FAMILYFAVE.


Take advantage of unlimited 1-topping medium pizzas from Marco's for just $6.99 each with the code MED699.


Mazzio's is hooking it up with medium pepperoni or cheese pizzas for $5.99.

Papa John's

Grab a large 1-topping pizza from Papa John's for $11.99. If you're feeding a bigger crowd, get two large 1-topping pizzas for $21.99.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut continues to offer their Tastemaker large 3-topping pizza for just $10.99.


Rewards members can take advantage of BOGO pizzas starting at $8.79. The offer is good in-store, online, or on their app.

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