A ride that has been entertaining Six Flags Over Texas guests for decades in Arlington will be seeing some big upgrades in 2024.

Get Ready for a Major Upgrade to One of the Oldest Rides in the Park

Get your rides in now on the El Aserradero (Spanish for The Sawmill) because it will be different and have a new name in 2024. The ride has been operating at Six Flags Over Texas since 1963. The only rides older than this at the park are the railroad which goes around the park and the antique cars you can drive around. Throughout the years El Aserradero has gone some upgrades.

The First Ever Log Flume Ride Built in America

This thing is a part of theme park history and it's nice to see it will be getting some upgrades in the offseason. The first major upgrade happened in 1968 when a second flume was added because the ride was so popular. Who wouldn't love this thing? Perfect way to cool off on a hot day, right?

Turns Out, the Original Ride Didn't Get You Wet?

According to the Six Flags website, original management did not like that guests were getting splashed on the ride. I want you to imagine getting angry about getting wet on a log flume ride. After guest complained about not getting wet they redesigned the ride and since then has been soaking guests for decades.

New Name, Longer Ride!

El Rio Lento (Spanish for slow river) will be taking the place of the iconic El Aserradero. The new log flume ride will feature one new lift hill and two big drops including a giant, steep nosedive to add to the fun. In their press release they say it will be one of the world's longest, what's crazy is. I can't get a definitive answer on what the world's longest log flume ride is. A lot of folks online are saying Dudley Do Right's Ripsaw Falls at Universal Studios, but I can't confirm that info. We will see how long the new ride is once it officially open in the summer of 2024.

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