Some people were obviously offended on their way to work this morning. This would have given me a chuckle to start the day out.

We really don't hear about these road signs getting hacked as much as we used to. Road crews that used them finally wised up and put an actually locked them up. Yes, the control panel usually has some sort of key access that you need to use to open it up so you can type in the message. Over in Oak Cliff, someone definitely didn't lock the control panel.

Drivers traveling down North Beckley Avenue this morning were treated to a very interesting sign. It read, "Real Talk Fam, All You Bitches Suck, And Stop Driving So Damn Fast." I got to be honest, some people in Dallas do not know how to drive. Maybe this little reminder of telling them they suck and also telling them to slow down. Maybe it actually got some people to take caution this morning.

Knowing Dallas, I doubt it.

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