I don’t know about you, but I love rooting for the underdog. Unless, of course, the underdog happens to be taking on my favorite team. 

But I would imagine that’s likely the case with most people. Who doesn’t love a good old Cinderella story? 

Speaking of Cinderella stories, if you’re not a fan of the Big 12, you probably view TCU as the ultimate Cinderella story. But those of us who keep up with Big 12 football know that TCU is anything but a Cinderella.

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The Horned Frogs have been building for this moment for over a decade. 

I’ll be perfectly honest with you. I couldn’t tell you much of anything about TCU athletics prior to the university joining the Big 12. But it didn’t take long for that program to impress the hell out of me. 

I’m a UT fan, so I’ve been suffering through a decade that has been the polar opposite of that of TCU. They and many other teams have handed the Longhorns a whole lot of ass-whoopings over the last ten-plus years. 

There’s nothing like a team having your team’s number to make you despise them. But when it comes to bowl season, I put all that stuff to the side. I’m going to pull for the Texas team no matter what. 

And it appears that most Texans are right there with me (even Baylor fans). As difficult as it must be to root for their arch-rivals, it’s hard to imagine many Bears fans wanting Georgia to win. 

In fact, the majority of people in 28 states overall are pulling for the Horned Frogs in tonight’s National Championship, compared to a total of 22 states rooting for the Bulldogs to win, according to a study conducted by BetOnline. 

Here’s to the majority of college football fans going to bed happy tonight. It’s been far too long since a team from this neck of the woods has claimed the championship.


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