In a move of pure professionalism, 'Late Show' host Stephen Colbert debated political views with GOP Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, and even defended him from the audience.

Appearing on last night's episode of 'The Late Show', Sen. Ted Cruz was grilled by host Stephen Colbert over the perceived idealistic parallels between Cruz and President Ronald Reagan.  While Colbert pointed out that several ideals of Reagan's would prevent him from being nominated today, specifically raising taxes and amnesty for illegal immigrants, Cruz admitted that he couldn't agree with Reagan on those points.

When asking Cruz a few questions, it appeared that Cruz's answers weren't going to be as clear and direct as Colbert would have liked, leading to Colbert reigning Cruz back in to answer the question.  When the topic switched to Cruz's views on gay marriage, Cruz's response resulted in boos and hisses from the audience.  Colbert then came to Cruz's defense and silenced the audience by reminding them that he's a guest and shouldn't be booed.

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