Time for man's best friend to enjoy some pool time. 

If you always feel bad leaving the dog at home while you enjoy the slides at Castaway Cove, don't worry. For the first time ever, Castaway Cove is doing the Dog Days of Summer. This Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm, dogs will be allowed into the water park to swim with their owners.

The entrance fee is $25 for a family of up to four people and up to two dogs. A portion of the admission on this day will benefit P.E.T.S., a low-cost spay and neuter clinic in Wichita Falls. If you're thinking of attending this Saturday, you must fill out this waiver. 

Dogs are only allowed in certain pools. Sorry, can't get the retriever to ride down Pirate's Plunge with you. Dogs will be welcome into Nellie's Rolling River, Shipwreck Beach and Buccaneer Bay. Should be a lot of fun and be sure you bring the floaties for your tiny dogs.

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