Everything is bigger in Texas, including this massive tree.

Black Friday Gets HUGE in Dallas, Texas

Although I have sworn off Black Friday shopping for the rest of my life. Folks that went to the Galleria in Dallas for the big sales event were in for quite the treat. The lighting of the tallest indoor Christmas tree in America. Coming in at 95 feet tall, no one has a bigger indoor tree. Fun fact, the Rockefeller tree in New York that gets all the attention every year is only 80 feet tall. Also more people skate around this tree than that one, so suck it New York!

Fun Facts About the Tallest Indoor Tree

  • The twigs took 14,000 hours to make
  • The tree features over 15,000 ornaments
  • The tree features over 250,000 lights
  • The star on top of the tree weighs 100 pounds
  • The tree in total weighs five tons

Video of the Official Lighting of the Tree from Friday

Over the next few weeks if you plan on making the trip to Dallas to check it out. The tree will be up the entire holiday season. Guests to the Dallas Galleria can expect the tree to stand until January 7th, 2024. After that, the elves get hard to work taking down the massive structure until next year. The Dallas Galleria is located at 13350 Dallas Parkway.

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Although the Houston Galleria Mall is the biggest mall in Texas, it's pretty cool we have the largest indoor tree. The Houston tree only sits at 55 feet tall. Just another instance where Dallas beats Houston in a competition.

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