A 15 year-old male has died from the wounds he suffered in an assault last week.  On June 23rd at approximately 11:05 PM the WFPD responded to a possible aggravated assault in the 2700 block of Byrne Place.  Officers found Alex Canava laying in the street bleeding.  Officers attempted first aid on Canava until First Responders arrived to transport him to the hospital.  Officers learned that Canava had been involved in a disturbance with another male juvenile.  During the course of the disturbance Canava received a cut to his neck.  Officers located the suspect in the aggravated assault and he was taken into custody.  Police have not yet identified the 16 year-old suspect in the case.  He was originally charged with aggravated assault.  Police say that charge will be changed to murder.  Canava was being treated for his injuries at United Regional Health Care System.  Canava’s family will be looking into possible organ donations.