People were offended that a bakery made rainbow cookies during pride month. The hate started coming in, but the love definitely outweighed the hate in the end.

Over in East Texas in the town of Lufkin resides Confections Bakery. Back on June 2nd, they put up a simple post. "More LOVE. Less hate. Happy Pride to all our LGBTQ friends! All lovers of cookies and happiness are welcome here." It featured some rainbow heart cookies and this upset some folks in the town of Lufkin.

So much so that people started leaving negative reviews on the business, un-liking the page, and the worst part canceling their orders for cookies that were already made. People were refusing to pay for the cookies that they ordered all because Confections announced they were a welcome business to LGBTQ.

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Confections announced all the negative feedback they were getting and the community responded with more love and less hate. After the post went up on June 3rd about the negative feedback, Confections business has been booming. They have had to close early because the entire store is sold out. People are lining up around the block and people are offering to order cookies from all over the country. Even though they don't ship at this time

Confections was only hoping people would come into buy the cookies that people canceled their order for. They have gotten that and so much more. You probably will never eliminate the hate, but Confections has definitely felt more love in the past few days.

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