If there’s one thing we Texans can agree on, it’s that everything tastes a little better when it’s deep-fried.

Just look at the State Fair of Texas, for example. It’s as well known for the awesome display of deep-fried culinary creations as it is for the giant Ferris wheel.

And we all know that fried foods aren’t good for you. But everything is okay when consumed in moderation.

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So, I most certainly do not loathe fried foods.

But I have to say that they are very hard to give up when I’m dieting. There’s just something about them that is downright addictive. For instance, if I decide that I’m going to stop eating fried, fast food during the week, I’m craving some deep-fried goodness by Wednesday.

As it turns out, I’m not alone in that category.

The website FeastGood surveyed 3,000 people to find out which foods were the hardest to give up when dieting. And as you would expect, many of those foods are deep-fried and chock full of fat. Chicken fried steak, fried chicken, and deep-fried cheese curds all ranked high on the list.

But when it comes to those of us who live here in the Lone Star State, the study found that the majority of Texans find the corn dog to be the hardest thing to give up while dieting.

In that case, don’t give them up when you’re trying to shed a few pounds. Maybe just don’t have a couple for lunch every day.

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