Never seen this one before.

Youth sport rules are different across the country. I know for my football team if you were up by fifty, the game was over. I know some places do a running clock once a team is up by a certain amount of points the clock never stops to make the game end faster. Over in Flower Mound, you can be too good to compete.

The Flower Mound Rebels are made up of a group of seven and eight year olds. They have just been informed by the Keller Youth Association they will not be competing in the playoffs. Why? The team is too good. They're undefeated and apparently blowing the competition out of the water.

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Seriously, the team has only given up six points in ALL of their games and put up 199 points against their opponents. The Keller Youth Association says the team is still welcome to play its last game this weekend but won’t be going to the playoffs, even with their perfect record.

Rhett Taylor of the Association and a coach in the league whose team also lost to the Rebels, says the team is just too good but the Rebels coach says he’s being a sore loser. The Rebels’ coach claims, “He’s changing the rules so it benefits him, in a way, this is because they’re too good.

Taylor said the rebel’s coach is right, “they are too good. I fully admit it. Absolutely. They are a select level team. They are too good for a rec level team.”

I have literally never seen this in my life. I'm all for mercy rules or running the clock like I mentioned earlier for youth sports, but you can be banned for winning too much? Not a good precedent to set.

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