Black Friday is this week and you know some great deals will be going on. Over in Conroe, Texas a very interesting sale is going on all week long.

Over the past few days, people have let their opinions be known on the Kyle Rittenhouse case. The Saddle River Range looks like they're happy with the verdict. They sent out a text to all of their customers promoting a sale. It was a picture of Kyle Rittenhouse walking down the street with his gun and said "Not Guilty Sale from now until Thanksgiving'.

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No word on what is actually on sale or what percentage off you could receive from mentioning the text. This has obviously led to some upset people. “We celebrated the acquittal from a Second Amendment standpoint and a right to defend yourself point,” said Saddle River Range owner Thomas Bolsch. “We did not celebrate, and we do not celebrate the loss of life.”

A post on the Saddle River Range's Facebook does mention what was on sale and no mention of Kyle Rittenhouse is over there. Bolsch said despite some of the negative feedback, most customers were supportive and positive. “I wouldn’t change a thing,” he said.

From the comments on their Facebook page, it really looks to be more positive than negative over there. Some people are comparing this to when that Texas mattress store did a 9/11 sale. I don't even think these two are comparable. If you have never seen that one, watch it above.

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