Nice to see the new stadium actually being used.

We have seen how the coronavirus has turned our worlds upside down. One of the many things that changed was graduations throughout the country. Many schools did online graduations or found bigger venues to better social distance. Forney ISD had their graduation the other day and got a pretty big venue. The brand new Globe Life Field in Arlington.

With the MLB season currently on hold. No one is using the brand new stadium, so why not have a high school graduation. Since no baseball games have been played there, the stadium has no stats. Until now, graduating senior Sadie Hewitt has become the first person to slide into home at Globe Life Field.

She took the slide before getting her diploma. Many thought she tripped, I think including her principal? I'm assuming that's the principal who rushes over to see if she is OK. It was all intentional and judging by the smile on her face she was quite proud of herself. Good job Sadie and good luck in your future endeavors. Maybe the Rangers should have you throw out a first pitch when we get baseball back?

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