Dating sites not working out for you? Try buying a billboard.

Let me just say, I hate dating. That is for 100% a fact because I suck at it. I cannot maintain a text conversation to save my life and that is pretty much how you meet people nowadays. Maybe I need to do what this guy did in Bertram, Texas. His name is Jim Bays and he recently moved into the area.

He decided to put all of business out there and say he is looking for love. Now Jim is 66-years-old and is looking for someone a little younger. Not ridiculously younger so sorry ladies forty years old and below. Jim is looking for a lady in her fifties that loves to talk and go on walks. Plus mutual acts of kindness? What the hell does that even mean. Going and helping folks out on the weekend? Alright Jim.

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Since Jim has put up the billboard he said he's getting around 30 to 40 calls per day. He even has a few in-person dates planned for early in the new year. He says the billboard is staying up until he finds the one. Best of luck my guy.

Anyway, if any girl in Wichita Falls can tolerate me getting blackout wasted watching the Dallas Cowboys play every Sunday with me yelling at my television. I am the guy for you.

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