Not only did the state of Oklahoma get screwed. Also Colorado, Wisconsin, Iowa and Kansas. 

Former security director of the Multistate Lottery Association was given the maximum sentence in rigging the lottery in several different states. Eddie Tipton, who lived right here in Texas, will be going away for the next 25 years. He admitted to rigging computer codes to produce winning numbers. Tipton and his accomplices got millions of dollars in the process.

Tipton also has to pay the states back the money. $2.2 million in restitution, including $1.1 million to the Colorado lottery, $644,000 to the Oklahoma lottery, $391,000 to the Wisconsin lottery and $30,000 to the Kansas lottery. When Judge Brad McCall asked him on Tuesday how he intended to repay the money, Tipton said, "Initially, I really don't know."

The attorney general plans to seize assets from Tipton and his co-conspirators. Tipton's defense lawyer does not expect him to serve his full sentence.Tipton's lawyer said he expects his client will serve three to four years before being released. The prosecutor expects Tipton to be behind bars for at least five years.

Tipton was formerly a programmer with the Multistate Lottery Association, the agency that administers state lotteries. He designed and maintained software "for computerized random number generators used to select winning lottery numbers in many states across the country," according to the office of Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller.

He would get his accomplices to purchase tickets in states with the numbers he gave because he knew they would win.

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