If there's one stereotype about Texans that is definitely true, it's the fact that we love our Whataburger. When we have that craving, there's not much that's going to stop us. In the case of this 71-year-old Texan, not even a flood was going to keep him from that orange and white to-go bag.

On Monday, Dora Ann Gostecnick Tweeted the photos seen above. Her father, Gary Gostecnik, had been stuck at his house in Pattison since Friday because of the flooded Brazos River. His wife, Carol, told the Dallas Morning News that every time she talked to him, he just kept saying how he wanted some Whataburger.

Monday afternoon the roads cleared up enough for Gosecnik to finally make a break for it. Though, the only way he could do it was on his John Deere tractor. He drove it about four and a half miles to the Brazos River Bridge in San Felipe where he met the rest of the family.

After getting his #1 with cheese, Gary loaded up the tractor with more burgers and fried pies and returned to spread some of the love to his other trapped neighbors. Not even a flood can stop a Texan when it comes to getting their Whataburger fix.